We love hearing from our customers, and we get all misty-eyed when we hear how much their littles ones are enjoying their Bimbles. We’d love to hear from you too, so please send pics and feedback to us hello@bimbleshoes.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Kay & Stanley
Hi! Just wanted to let you know are an amazing company, we totally love your shoes my little boy brings them to me in the morning to put on – at 15 months that’s amazing. Also your customer service is outstanding. We’re building our collection apple red and buttercup so far – blueberry next!

Sophia Roberts
My favourite bimbles are the first pair we ever bought for our son – buttercup bimbles. They were the shoes he took his first steps in and they still bear the imprint of his teeny foot on their sole. They will always remind me of the summer my little ray of sunshine found his feet!

Brought the blueberry Bimbles yesterday for my son who hated shoes before I put the Bimbles on him… he was so happy all day wearing them and back in them again today! The shoes are so beautifully made, I’ve already ordered another pair for his Christmas present! Thank you Bethany and Osyth for these lovely shoes! Xx

We love these shoes, my little boy brings them to me every morning to put on at 15 months that’s amazing, thier customer service is outstanding, we are building our collection apple red and buttercup so far blueberry are next on the list

Anna Griffiths
For us, the Buttercup classic will always be our favourite shoe. My little guy has been in them for months but they will very soon be popped on a special shelf to look at. Fairy Godmother Sarah bought them for him at the Frome Independent market, and he loves them passionately, often just carrying them with him if he can’t wear them.

Tabatha Marshall
Your shoes are the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my children, I couldn’t be without them for my 10 month old – thank you!

Emily Parr
Soft, easy on/off able and stylish- our mushroom Bimbles are a hit!
Our daughter seems in super comfort when wearing her new shoes and is getting lots of compliments! Well made, great for growing in and exploring too! Highly recommended for all little ones!

Emma Watford
We love our Bimbles! My little one was just getting to grips with walking and still stumbling a lot. I felt that conventional (rigid) shoes weren’t giving her enough sensation from various terrains, through her feet, for her sense of balance to get more secure. It felt like a more natural progression from socks/booties/bare feet to put her in Bimbles, and she’s notably happier about having the soft leather put on her feet than the usual shoes on offer for one year olds. and I’m a fan of the ‘on trend’ colour options! X

Annabelle Salt-Forster
Thank you so much for sending the shoes, they arrived today so perfect timing for tomorrow! Henry loves the shoes (and the box)! I bought them after a recommendation by my friend. They are fantastic although I also agree at 10months and in the 91st-95th percentile, I am worried what Henry will wear when he next grows! Bigger sizes please!!!

Thank you again for your wonderful service, what a fantastic company Bimbles shoes are!

Bimble HQ replies

We have had lots of people asking for bigger sizes so we plan to extend our range in the near future. Remember to sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and we will let you know when we have larger sizes in stock.

Sophia Roberts
Just wanted to let you know how much we love our Bimbles! I couldn’t be happier with them, so cute, seem so comfy and we have been getting endless compliments! Do you have any plans to make them in bigger sizes? We are on size 5 and I am already starting to panic about what I’m going to do when he grows out of them!!

Daisy Blossom Owen
Hi. I would just like to say that my son wore his Bimbles all morning in the baking 30° heat and when I took them off his feet were not at all sweaty. When he has worn crocs or doodles at 22° his feet are wet with sweat. Thank you Bimbles.

Catherine Loy
My daughter loves her Bimbles, which have been perfect for her early forays into the world of walking. They’re comfortable and lightweight, but offer her all the support she needs – without the sweaty aftermath she gets with other shoes! The colours are fun and she’s always keen to try putting them on herself! Thank you Bimble for making Beatrice’s first steps such happy ones!

Rebecca Raynham
Our Bimble moccs arrived today and Alfred loves them! They are handmade and incredibly soft. Alfred can walk really well in them, as well as crawl and go on tippy toes and all of the other things he likes to do. They just mould round his feet, like he has no shoes on!

Candice Ward
My little boy is 16 months old and I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find him shoes that allow him to walk, run and climb without tripping over them. Bimbles are so soft they allow him to move around freely with many less bumps than before and they look so good, I’d love a pair myself!

Simone Shirley
Thank you for the quick delivery of my amazing Bimbles! They are so quirky, I adore them! Just need my little ones feet to grow slightly, then she’ll be in them all the time. Will post pics when the day comes!

As my son started to walk it was an exciting milestone so I wanted the best and healthiest shoes for him. Bimble shoes gave my son flexibility to walk supporting his natural foot movement and allowing him to feel the ground beneath him. They are extremely soft too with great leather quality letting his little feet breath. The packaging is beautiful also making it a great idea for future gifts.

Amy Parfitt
I don’t know who loves them more, me or my daughter!!!! Thank you xxx

Claire (@himmeandb)

Our Bimbles have arrived, I say ‘our’ because I’d actually love some but they are only for little feet… saying that Busby is in their biggest size and he’s only 8 months old! Thankfully they’re made from natural leather so have a little give in them. And they’re handmade in Somerset (win!). So cute, and so good for his feet, especially as he’s going to be walking any day now.