Are soft shoes going to offer enough protection for my walking toddler?

Yes. Bimbles are made from leather that is thick enough to provide ample cushioning for little soles and the leather gradually toughens with use, providing more than enough protection for little feet on the move, both inside and out.

Are Bimbles waterproof?

Whilst Bimbles aren’t 100% waterproof (we do not recommend jumping in puddles while wearing them), they are able to withstand a light amount of moisture.

What size should I buy for a baby aged X months?

As we all know, babies and toddlers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s really very difficult to match an age to a size for Bimble shoes. If measuring the child’s foot using our sizing guide isn’t a practical option you can make a guess as to the best size based on our experience with our own children and what our customers tell us. If in doubt, go for a larger size.

Age Bimble size
0-6 months Baby Slipper size 1 (one size)
6-12 months Classic Moccasin size 2-3
12-18 months Classic Moccasin size 3-4
18-24 months Classic Moccasin size 4-5
18-24 months Classic Moccasin size 5-6
24-36 months Classic Moccasin size 6

How do I know that the shoes I order online will fit my little one?

As most parents know, sizing often differs from brand-to-brand when it comes to childrenswear. We have made a sizing guide to help you measure your little one’s feet so that you can be sure that the Bimbles you order fit well. On top of that, as our shoes are soft-structured and made from real leather, the shoe has a fair amount of give and will naturally mould to the foot that occupies them, offering more room for growth than hard shoes. We also have a fair returns policy, so that you can order with peace of mind, knowing that if the shoes don’t fit you can simply return them.

What is the Bimble returns policy?

We will happily refund in full any unworn shoes within 14 days of purchase. You can read more about our returns policy here.

What ages are Bimbles suitable for?

Our classic moccasin shoes are suitable for babies at roughly 6 months of age, and can be worn for as long as they fit! Currently our shoe sizes go up to UK 6, but we hope to add in more sizes soon, so that your toddler can enjoy wearing Bimble shoes as they grow and grow!

Where can I buy a pair?

We sell our baby and toddler shoes through our website and a select few stores, but we’re working hard to get Bimbles more stores soon – we will keep you posted!

How do I know that Bimbles are safe for my little one to wear?

Professional podiatrists tell us that our shoe is perfectly designed to ensure healthy foot development in babies and toddlers. On top of that, our leather has been tested and complies to all EU chemical safety regulations.

Do you use exotic animal skins / real fur?

No. All our shoes are made with cow hide, some full grain leather and some with the hair left on which gives some of our slippers their cosy furry appearance. No pink tigers or blue leopards were harmed to make our baby shoes!