Introducing Bimble

A family of shoe makers, sisters with a shared dream, mothers looking for a way out of the corporate world, and an unhealthy obsession with shoes. How did we get here?

Osyth and I come from a very large family, 7 children (3 boys and 4 girls) and our parents, who are shoe makers. We grew up happily wearing our parents’ handmade, super soft leather moccasins which they made in the small workshop attached to our home.

When Osyth’s oldest daughter Saskia started walking she looked for something similar in the shops. Knowing that health professionals advise bare feet as much as possible for little ones, and that shoes should be soft and unrestrictive, she didn’t want to force her baby into rigid ‘supportive’ shoes found in many high street shops.

We had some funny moments as Saskia tried to clomp around in some of the shoes we tried in shops, but really it wasn’t that funny so she went back to our parents’ workshop and they helped her make a pair of moccasins, using the same patterns they had used when we were little.


Saskia in her first Bimbles

Then a strange thing happened: people started stopping Osyth in the street asking her where she had got Saskia’s shoes from and we started to wonder if there was an opportunity to make these shoes more widely available.

Around this time I was just starting maternity leave myself, having taken time off my job as a digital marketing consultant, and the thought of going back to my office-based job with 10 hour days and 3 hour commutes started filling me with terror. I wanted to get closer to that mythical “work/life balance” people always talk about. I also had a yearning to make something real and tangible and do something I really cared about.

And so, Bimble was born.

I was thrilled when Osyth agreed to join me in this venture, and with the help of our parents and various siblings we’ve had a lot of fun developing and refining the shoe, and working out how we can bring it to market.

Like most babies, Bimble has been cooking for around 9 months now and we are excited to finally be ready to launch to the world!

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