Mumcrush interview – Emma Scott-Child

In honour of Mother’s Day we’re talking to our long-time mum crush Emma Scott-Child who runs the amazing blog Ladyland  as well as being a full-time bona fide creative and mum. She created our brand identity for us when we launched last year and is the most crafty genius imaginable.

Since we started Bimble we’ve drawn on a fountain of knowledge by surrounding ourselves with inspiring women in similar positions to us. Tapping into this community through the Mother’s Meetings has been one of the most valuable things we’ve done, not only giving us practical support in setting up our business but showing us that our dream is possible – that there’s a whole group of women successfully living life – being parents and doing what they love. Emma is one of those women and we’re very pleased to interview her in our Mother’s Day special.

Have you always been a creative? How did having kids affect your career path?

I was always the ‘arty’ kid at school, I used to design all the sets for the school play. Having kids definitely changed my career path. I used to work in large ad agencies with very inflexible working. I started working for myself to spend more time with my kids, and as they have grown, so has my business. 

What do you enjoy most about working with startup brands like Bimble?

The creativity! Small brands have so much passion for their product and loads of great ideas. They are also people coming from other careers to realise a dream, which is exciting. It’s nice to have clients with passion.

Being a working mum – how do you balance work, mumming and personal sanity?

Personal sanity goes out the window sometimes!! I try to keep a balance by blocking out time with my kids. I don’t answer emails on weekends, I work late two nights a week to get more done which means I can do school pick ups on two other days. I also have a very helpful husband, we run our business together, which means we spend all day long together (…which sometimes drives me mad!), but it means we both have flexible hours to make things work. 

Who are your heroes?

I am constantly inspired by strong, creative women. Anyone who breaks the mould and does things their own way and isn’t afraid to cross into other creative territories. Frida Kahlo, Zaha Hadid, Catherine Martin, Natasha Khan, Grimes, FKA Twigs, did you see her Nike ad? Amazing. 

What keeps you going?

Too many ideas, never enough time. I can’t stop my brain from coming up with new hair-brained schemes. 

What makes you stop?

My kids. Sometimes I need to take a break, stop everything and play with lego on the floor for a day and ignore the giant pile of laundry in the corner. 

Talk us through your incredible & inspirational hair journey. 

Ha! Well, I’ve been every colour of the rainbow, except green (…maybe accidentally). The boredom of having naturally mousey hair means that I haven’t seen my natural colour since 1994! I’ve had some total disasters, there was a sort of black and white Deborah Harry thing I did back while I was in uni, and a stripy Ginger Spice moment too. I love having pastel coloured hair, I tell little girls that I’m part unicorn. But I need to watch how many vintage clothes I wear because it’s easy to veer into Dame Edna Territory!

What’s next for you?

Lot’s of exciting things coming up. I’m working on a concept for a really girly cocktail bar which is fun. I’m also hoping to do a few books based on my Ladyland content. I’m always on the lookout for more creative projects. We’re about to move house too, so that will be my new canvas. 

Thank you Emma – and Happy Mother’s Day!


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