6 Dad Jokes from the Bimble Baby Daddies

Father’s Day is only a few days away (cue mad panic/post office scramble/Amazon Prime overload) and we wonder – is it fair that the task of telling awful jokes tends to fall to the Dad 365 days of the year? Why not relieve him of his duties and surprise him with a few on Sunday? Not only will his (so-called superior) sense of humour be tickled, but donning your comedian’s shoes you may find you have unknown talents, and of course give him a well-deserved break.

We’ve asked the Bimble Dads Julien and Mark to give us three of their finest, easy-to-memorise, impossible-to-deliver-badly quips.


JULIEN, Dad to Camille and Ludo, Husband to Bethany, Lover of Fart-Related Cracks, Purveyor of French Humour

Q. Why did the pianist keep banging his head against the keys?

A. He was playing by ear.


Q. What do you call a VW bus at the top of a hill?

A. A miracle.


Q. What does a clam do on his birthday?

A. He shellebrates.


MARK, Dad to Saskia and Romy, Husband to Osyth, Lover of Any Joke At His Wife’s Expense, Purveyor of Incessant Gullibility Testing

Q. How do you sell a deaf man a duck?



Q. Why is Geology so amazing?

A. It’s sedimentary, my dear.


Q. Dad, I’m bored.

A. Hello bored, I’m Dad.


Got a Dad joke up your sleeve? Tickle us in the comments!


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