About Bimble


Bimble is a family business, with roots that stretch back for generations.

Founded by sisters Bethany Jarroussie and Osyth Sanders, Bimble set out to challenge 21st Century wisdom concerning what little feet need for healthy development.

Both Bethany and Osyth grew up wearing their parents’ handmade, super-soft leather moccasin shoes, from a very young age.

As adults, they were surprised to discover that many of the baby shoes that their contemporaries thought of as healthy were hard, uncomfortable and restrictive.

Intrigued, they consulted with professional podiatrists, who all confirmed that baby feet are very different to adult feet. Infant feet are flat and broad and designed to function barefoot. This means that super-soft shoes that allow for the maximum movement and flex are ideal, as are deep toe boxes with plenty of wiggle room.

Today, Bimble shoes are designed with this science in mind.

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