Healthy shoes never looked so good.

When you choose a pair of Bimbles for your child, you can rest easy, knowing that you really have ticked all the boxes. Bimble shoes are:

  • Healthy: podiatrists will tell you that super-soft shoes are ideal for small, growing feet making their first steps in the world.
  • Comfortable: parents tell us that their children like them so much they don’t want to take them off at bed time!
  • Hard-wearing: the great thing about soft leather is that it shapes itself to your child’s foot, and naturally toughens up in the areas (such as the sole) that get most wear and need the most protection.
  • Handmade in the UK: Bimbles are handmade with love in our small family workshop in England.

Should baby shoes be supportive?

For thousands of years baby humans have been running around barefoot, finding their balance and strength by staying in close contact with the ground beneath them. Foot health specialists now attribute a variety of foot problems in young adults – and even children – to the fact that we have moved away from this simple start, as many people now think they should put soft baby feet into rigid, structured shoes with plenty of support. We are all about getting back to our roots. Little feet need space to move uninhibited and to feel the ground beneath them to develop strength and balance – the way nature intended!

Why do Bimble moccasins have such a deep toe box?

The depth of the toe area of our shoes is really important. Little feet are chunkier than adults and we want those gorgeous chubby toes to have plenty of wiggle room! This also helps with balance as toddlers first start finding their feet, and ensures there is no restriction in their growth.

Is it OK to put toddlers in shoes with no extra sole?

Our shoes are made from just two pieces of leather, which means the soles are curved up to the side without any additional soling. We only use thick leathers which ensure plenty of cushioning below the foot, and this leather moulds to the shape of the individual foot, toughening up with wear. Although they may resemble comfy slippers they are plenty strong and protective enough for little feet on the move.

Caring for leather baby shoes

As leather is a natural material, irregularities and blemishes do occur and some variation in colour and texture is normal. The shoes are completely suitable for outdoors wear, however they are not 100% waterproof so not ideal for jumping in puddles. If they get dirty we recommend wiping with a damp cloth, but avoid getting completely wet.

Caring for little feet

Allow baby feet to develop as naturally as possible. Let them spend time without shoes every day, and make sure any socks and shoes are made from natural, breathable materials such as leather and cotton. Regularly check that they are wearing the right size as even socks – if too tight – can restrict how little feet grow.  Wash your toddler’s feet thoroughly and dry them well between the toes. Cut toenails straight across to prevent them from becoming ingrown.

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