Bimble – what does it mean?

When you’re creating a brand it’s easy to get buried in it all and forget sometimes that everyone else doesn’t know you inside out, hasn’t pored over every small detail. Someone recently pointed out to us that the meaning of the word Bimble isn’t as widely known as we’d thought. So we thought we’d explain a bit about where our name comes from and what it means.

Walk or travel at a leisurely pace
                                                         – Oxford Dictionary

There are many words used to describe little people starting to walk – cruising, toddling, tottering – but we like Bimbling. We like it because for us it captures that magical time in a child’s life when they’re beginning to explore, when every movement is an adventure, when horizons are expanding. And that’s why we call our shoes Bimble, because they give little feet the freedom to explore the world around them, to grow naturally into their next phase as walking feet, jumping feet, dancing feet. We call our shoes Bimbles because early walkers should be Bimbling, not tottering or clomping in restrictive shoes.

Our dream is that one day Bimble will be a household name and it will embody the semi-cute, semi-wild meanderings of little people in the most wonderful years of their lives. We hope that Bimble will be synonymous with freedom for little feet, that more parents than not will see their little ones begin to walk and move freely and unrestricted, rather than tottering, teetering or clomping.

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