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Win a pair of our super limited edition Platinum Luxe Moccs!

Feeling lucky?

All you need is an Instagram or Facebook account to be in with a chance of winning a pair of our super special moccasins!

Our limited edition Platinum luxe moccasins were something of an inspired decision. When we were in our testing phase pre-launch we picked up a few skins of a glittery charcoal leather, just for fun, made some shoes from it, gave our children a few pairs and our wear testers a few pairs and lo and behold, wherever the children went they were applauded. And we had a revelation. I mean, I think we already knew – in our hearts – but nothing solidifies a suspicion like strangers approaching you in the street almost every time you leave the house. And it was this:

Children need to look good too. Any by good, we mean really good. 

All of the advice you read about how to raise kids tells you – treat them how you would want to be treated. And by our logic (very sound logic), this applies to things like dressing, too. We all want our kids to be kids; to get messy, to not care, to not think too much – and that’s why our shoes are WIPE CLEAN!! 

Why do shoes have to be boring and dull or kitsch to be ‘children’s shoes’? Answer: they don’t! They only have to be washable, and then they should be as fabulous as possible. Something you’d be proud to wear yourself.

And so as well as our personal mission to bring healthy shoes to all the little feet out there so they can run/toddle/crawl uninhibited, we’re also on a mission to supply them and you with a little bit of eye joy. 

So if you’ve got your lucky pants on why not give them a chance to do you proud and give us the chance to spoil you ROTTEN with a pair of our Super Limited Edition Platinum Luxe Moccasins?

These black-label beauties will have your little one looking, and feeling a MILLION DOLLARS. All you have to do is head over to our Instagram or Facebook – bimble_shoes, tag a friend in the comments below the image you see above, follow our page and share this post to your feed, then cross all fingers, toes and other extremities, close your eyes, count to a hundred, turn to the person nearest to you, salute🖐🏽and voila! You’re in with a chance of winning! 

Small print – only one entry per account. Private profiles must be made public for 24 hours from time of entry.

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