Our sizes are true to UK sizes, however it’s always a good idea to measure little feet to ensure the best fit. You can download our printable measuring guide here.

 UK Size EU size (approx) US size (approx) Foot length (allowing some wiggle room*)
1 17 2 10 cm
2 18 3 10.5 cm
3 19 4 11 cm
4 20 5 11.5 cm
5 22 6 12 cm
6 23 7 12.5 cm

It’s important to allow some growing room at the end of the shoe, so if you find the big toes pushes up against the end it’s always best to go up a size. Too much extra space and the child may trip, so don’t go crazy!

The lace up style of Bimbles allows a variety of foot widths to be accommodated comfortably, and you will find the leather flexes over time to the foot shape. Some people find they get more wear than with rigid shoe styles as the leather seems to ‘grow’ with the foot.

Some people say our sizes are a little smaller than other high street brands (though they all vary!) so if in doubt, we recommend you go for a larger size.

* We have allowed some wiggle room, so for example, if your child’s foot measures 11cm, the size 3 shoe will actually be a little bit bigger

If in doubt get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.