Bethany & Osyth

As well as being in the business of hand-making Bimbles, we have to admit that we’re on a bit of a mission.

We both grew up in a family where handmade super-soft shoes were the norm. As we grew older, we realised that, yes, we were slightly eccentric as a family: not everybody has parents who hand-craft shoes in a cosy workshop attached to the side of the house. However, we still assumed that most people understood the benefits of supple, foot-shaped shoes, especially for first-walkers and toddlers. How wrong we were.

When, recently, we both had children of our own, we found ourselves on the receiving end of countless messages suggesting that stiff, hard shoes were necessary for babies. For protection. And for support.

So we went on a fact-checking expedition:

We spoke to our parents, who had helped countless people with foot problems. And we spoke to professional podiatrists, such as Lorraine Jones of Chiswick Feet. What came back was clear advice: baby’s feet need minimal support, adequate protection and plenty of wriggle room for their flat, broad feet and supple toes. In short, they need shoes just like Bimbles.

So back to our mission: we are not just in the business of selling super-soft, healthy shoes. We are also out to spread the word. We want as many people as possible to grow up with healthy feet, just like we did. We are on a mission to set little feet free.

So please join the revolution – freedom for little feet!