Top tips from Dads for Father’s Day

Top tips from some tip-top Dads!

In honour of Father’s Day we’ve asked some Dads for their best advice on how to keep sane and champion being a father.


I remember one day (when we lived in) Karachi a pudding was put on the table. I grabbed the Action Man that was also on the table and plunged him head first in custard. To a stunned table I announced “It’s just a trifle.” The girls howled with laughter. Nervous tension I imagine. Not really a tip, just the beginnings of a belief that there is nothing too stupid for Dads to do to make their children laugh.

 – Richard, Dad of Dads (and Mums)


Is this baby top front or back? Doesn’t matter, this’ll keep nice and warm, also fashionable!
– Julien, French Dad


Shoes first, THEN socks.

– Eleanor, Quoting her Dad


Weekends are hard, because child rearing is harder than work. So, take a deep breath, think of a time zone where it’s happy hour and simply pretend you are there! Don’t be afraid of that late morning beer either. It’s there to help.

– Mark, Jolly Dad


Nappies are like doors. Always check before opening.
– Simon, D(m)ad of Six


Do not fear girls, neither your wife nor your daughter and just be a Daddy!
– Jeremie, Brave French Dad


1. Empower them from as soon as they can understand. If they don’t like something then they should try to change it, if they can’t change it then don’t worry about it. No whinging, no crying just crack on.

2. Combine potty-training with a music festival. It’s the ideal place to have them wandering about semi-nude and no-one is bothered by impromptu alfresco poop disasters.

3. Get a dog. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning the floor around the kitchen table or high chair ever again. Mine even eats baby-puke.
– Ben, Dad of Boys


If your kids have stressed you out and caused you to lose your rag, always make sure you have apologised to them before they go to sleep. And be sure to have plenty of chilled cider in the fridge.
– Isaac, Cider Making Dad


When walking with Sid or Edie when they were young and they’d get tired I’d say “I think there are dragons near here. Look dragon poo!” (the dragon poo was mole hills) “Let’s get around this next corner, and maybe we’ll find that dragon.”

– Zond, Father of Dragons


So hats off to all the Dads out there being given ice-cold spilled tea breakfasts, lovingly squeezed chocolates, crumpled cards and sparkly sticker ‘presents’, we wish you a restful and wonderful day.

P.S. We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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